Obasi Samuel

A writer, Creative director, Photographer, brand strategist, and yep… Tree hugger

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About Me

I have written scripts, scamped ideas on paper and directed creative shoots (by the way, Canon EOS 700D is my favorite cam!)  For 6+ years just doing what I do best; create advertising and Public relations campaigns that my clients love and agencies pay me for. I think good stories have the power to connect brands with people (customers) and to cause a paradigm shifts in such ways only stories can do.
When I am not doing advertising or
PR, you bet I’m soaking in nature: NatGeo-ing, road tripping, outdoor photography and planned vacation!
What drives me? Well, if you care to know…
My attitude to life is ‘Resist passivity’. I believe the quest for truth should be active, open-minded however conscientious and exciting. Passive knowledge or a habit of it kills, literally. I love continuous development and I hate boring human stories.

Certifications / Memberships

Here are a couple of my current certifications and professional memberships with plans for more in the near future.

Feel Free To Contact Me

I am always open to discussions


+234 8038851659


+234 7084806466